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Purchasing a property is a big decision.
It's important to have someone you trust make sure it's a good deal!

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We work with anyone that is looking to purchase a home.


Make sure you aren't going to have any surprises that mess with your numbers once you get it under contract and closed.

 Home Owners

You're already making a big purchase. You're not going to want any unexpected expenses come up 6 months down the road that set you back thousands of dollars when you thought it was already taken care of.

Types of Home Inspections

There are a variety of home inspections, and it's important to choose the right one for your needs. Some might include:

Phase Inspection: For when you're building a new construction home.

Full Home Inspection: Inspect every component of a house you're purchasing.

Partial Inspection: Inspect only one component of the home that you need.

Re-Inspection: Double checking that the work you expected was done right.

Termite Inspection: Check for termite and termite damage.


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Get Your Home Inspected

Purchasing a home, whether you're an investor or looking for a home for yourself, is a big decision.

Make sure that you're not going to have any unexpected surprises come up!

Have a local, trust Houston home inspection company come out and get you a bona fide inspection so that you can have peace of mind.

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Many people don't ever think about home inspections during the home purchasing process...

But check this out:

What happens when you sign that dotted line and get the title to the house (or your bank has the title), and a week down the line you find out there's an $12,000 foundation issue?

Or that there are a bunch of termites suddenly appearing outside the back patio door?

These are things that end up costing you a lot in repairs, yet they should've been caught and handled by the seller.

Or at least you would've known and been able to get a cheaper price on the property, assuming that you still wanted it.

So, when do you need to get a home inspection?

Purchasing a new home for yourself or your family

Regardless of the state of the house, if you're getting a new home, you need to make sure things are as expected.

It's common that the seller thinks things are in good condition, but in reality there are some hidden issues that are festering.

Such issues could be foundation moving, plumbing problems, ventilation leaks, or hidden termites.

One issue that is super common is bad or faulty wiring that's not done to current code.

Wiring is often because the home is a bit older and the way things were done when it was built is a little different than now.

By getting a home inspection done along with the purchase negotiation phase will help you identify things that are going to creep up on you, and you can either get the seller to fix them or you can use it as leverage to reduce the purchase price.

If you do find that there is an issue the seller needs to fix, then it's important to make sure they either had a licensed/insured contractor work on it that has a warranty, or you get a re-inspection done.

If the work doesn't have a warranty, then the re-inspection can double check that the work was done right and no shortcuts were taken.

The re-inspection is a lot faster and cheaper than the full home inspection, and can save your wallet in case the work was done incorrect.

Investing in a new property

If you're in investor looking at a property to purchase for either a flip or buy-and-hold, there might be cases where a particular component for the house can be iffy.

The last thing you want to do is buy the house and a surprise comes out and messes with your numbers entirely.

Any one of the problems listed above can mean multiple thousands in repairs, which throws off your numbers and timelines for a flip.

If it's a buy-and-hold, that'll mean even more money out of your pocket, which definitely skews your returns and makes the deal run completely out of proportion.

A simple home inspection can save you from a lot of those headaches, that way you're confident that your numbers are going to match up, or you can adjust accordingly.

Building a new home

If you're getting a new construction built, there's a specific inspection for that.

It's called the phase inspection, and it generally includes an inspection at each of the standard three phases of a new construction.

The first is before the foundation pour to make sure things are correct in accordance to the plans and code, and that there won't be anything going wrong after the pour is already done.

The second is when the framing is complete but before the cases of the walls, attic, and exterior are up.

Here, the inspector makes sure that all the wiring, ventilation, and plumbing is done correctly before it's too late and costly to repair them later.

After that, before the final walkthrough with the builder, a standard full home inspection is done to review everything and go over the new parts in this final phase.

This makes sure that the construction was done correctly and checks behind both the builder and other inspectors.

Have peace of mind with your home purchase


Buying or building a home is a big step, regardless if you're going to live in it or invest in it.

Either way, homes aren't cheap, and a mistake can be very costly.

Getting a home inspection is one of the best ways to prevent those mistakes from happening.

You can learn more at one of our affiliates: Houston Home Inspection Company.

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